Monday, September 18, 2006

Yes, I still exist...
So, after moving four weeks ago, I am finally sitting down to update my blog (which is still in its messed up state on Internet Explorer--sorry about that--if anyone has any ideas of how to fix it, please let me know).

We are now living in the lovely (but rainy) state of Indiana where my dog adores the sliding glass door. She sits there all day watching the squirrels roam up and down the trees in the back yard. Also have some tiny hummingbirds coming to my window to my new birdfeeder which I love (thank you Shirley).

We are slowly getting settled in our new home, but still dealing with frustrations and challenges that come with moving a household to a new state.

Tomorrow our furniture is getting delivered. We finally bought new bedroom furniture after 16plus years of marriage. The other furniture now will occupy the guest room.

Then on Wednesday, I'm going to re-take the driver's test. Yes, I said retake, but I will say nothing more about that subject--except that I now know how many days a driver with a probationary license has to wait before he/she can have another passenger in the car who isn't an adult. Indiana has some goofy laws about drivers knowing dumb facts like that in their driver's manual. So...I am going to the BMV on Wednesday to PASS my written exam and get my driver's license.

More updates to come...


  1. Going to the BMV in Indiana is always an adventure. At least they didn't try to reassign your gender. :)

  2. The Indiana drivers license test is truly bizarre. There are more things that you have to know about tractor-trailers. GRRRR

    I also like the 2 second rule. Make sure you are 2 seconds behind the car in front of you. I've taken tests in four other states, and it is always 2 seconds per 10 miles per hour.

    I've bumped into your husband at the seminary....but since I haven't bumped into you, I wanted to say..."welcome to the area!" God bless!