Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Miscellaneous Tuesday
Regarding Memorial Day...
One of my projects for the summer is to hang a flag holder on the house. Our house in Pittsburgh had one, and I always hung our flag out on patriotic holidays. So, that's on my to-do list since I discovered yesterday that there isn't one.

I've decided one way I could help support the troops is by donating to the USO. Go here for info on how you can donate to provide a care package for soldiers.

And also...
A few weeks ago, my illustrator, Carol Baicker-Mckee and I found out that our Cheep! Cheep! was named one of Beginning with Books' best books of 2006. Here's a link. Such a nice honor! And thank you Dave Pasquini for sending me this link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

And finally...
We watched a strange combination of movies over the Memorial Day weekend. I watched The Queen, which I really enjoyed. Helen Mirrin's performance is stellar. Absolutely phenomenal how subtle and controlled she is in her portrayal of the queen during the week of Diana's death.

Also watched Apocalypto. From a storytelling point of view, it reminded me that a story can be told with humanity and tenderness in any setting, at any time, and in a foreign language! Gibson's ability to create a fully well-rounded story does not disappoint again in Apocalypto. More than once I closed my eyes and cringed a lot at the brutal violence. But the lush scenes and the incredible cast pulled this off brilliantly.

And last, we watched Galaxy Quest. That was just downright fun!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby Duckings!!
This morning was the first time I saw the baby ducklings here at seminary lake. There were ten of them, and boy were they cute. I'm going to try to get photos of them later.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Baby Geese!
At the seminary lake, I took pictures of the goose families the other night. Aren't they adorable???