Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sports Movies
Jacob and I saw We Are Marshall today. It was awesome. The thing I keep thinking about is how perfectly cast it was. Every person was absolutely perfect for each part. Matthew McConaughey (which I almost spelled correctly without looking--and that's not easy) creates the perfect aura that brings the actors in this movie together. Here's a good review of the film. I definitely give it a thumbs up.

So then Jacob and I got to talking about other sports movies over burgers at Steak and Shake (our favorite heart-attack-inducing joint). Here are the results:

Basketball - Hoosiers and Glory Road
Baseball - Gotta be The Rookie
Hockey - Miracle
More football - I like Rudy, although as I recall, the father is pretty abusive to Rudy and that makes it tough to watch and not so family friendly

From there the pickings get slim. I'm not a huge fan of Field of Dreams or the romantic comedies that are sports-ish (like Fever Pitch). I like the movies that are about the sports and team. Oh, and Jacob tells me I have to put in Bad News Bears--although when I saw the old version of this (and the new version ain't any better), I was shocked at the bad language and the drunk coach who is not exactly a good role model.

Then we were pondering why some sports haven't been made into movies:

Ultimate Frisbee
Dodgeball (oh yeah, there was that dumb one)
Track (besides Chariots of Fire)

Why not
Golfing? (okay, there are a couple of those...)

We did think of Cool Runnings, which is that funky movie about the Jamaican bobsled team that went to the Olympics

Anyway, those are my sports movies thoughts tonight.


  1. There is one about fishing, but I don't suggest that you watch it with Jacob for a few more years yet. It's also about the greatest state in the nation. ;-)

    A River Runs Through It.

    Also, there is a really dumb one about bowling, though I don't recall its name. Softball has "A League of Their Own."

    My favorite football movie is either "Remember the Titans" or "Invincible."

  2. Oh, thanks for the reminders. I saw "A River Runs through It" ages ago. We did see "A League of Their Own," which is so-so. It's hard to stomach Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell in the same movie. And I forgot about "Remember the Titans." That was good. We'll get "Invincible" next. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I didn't care for "A League of Their Own" either. My mom loved it. I only saw it to humour her. ;-)

  4. Great thoughts. But, Rudy! Ughgh! I was at Notre Dame when they filmed it, and I still don't like it. I mean, all he did was get into a game that he had no business playing. And, really there is a "great" bowling movie called "Kingpin," starring Woody Harrelson. Fishing? "A River Runs through It." Wresting? Yeah, there was one in the 80's, if I could only remember the name. It was Rockyesque, with an 80's soundtrack. Track? How about the one about the guy from Oregon who died young? Was it "Previat?" And what about Horseshoes? That'd be something!

  5. All excellent examples. Hey--I even though of scuba diving (if you can call that a sport). Remember that Cuba Gooding Jr. movie called Men of Honor about him being a scuba diver? That was a funky movie. Huh--I'm not sure what the wrestling movie was. Oh--and how can we forget Karate Kid?? Yes, I agree--horseshoes would be something!