Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beautiful winter day

Enjoyed a beautiful walk in the forest preserve today. On the one hand, I hate the starkness of winter. But on the other hand, a walk in the woods on a day like today reminds me of what is left behind when the trees and bushes have lost their summer foliage. The delicate stems, the twists of yellowed grass, the red berries. It's also fun to examine the shapes of trees--their skeletons stark against the chilly skies.

...and even a stag! The photo is not great because I didn't take my good camera, but actually two stags were just hanging out, rooting around for a snack. I didn't really want to stop for a walk, since I had other errands to run, but I'm sure glad I did.


  1. Lovely pictures; I'm glad you went too, Julie! Happy New Year!

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