Friday, November 08, 2013

Maple Day

The morning light slants golden into my yard today as the maples leaves are drifting to the frost-tipped grass. One of those perfect autumn days when the whole world looks alive with fall colors. I had spotted some gorgeous ginkgo trees on a drive and they were my destination. So instead of taking a hum drum exercise class this morning, I hopped on my bike, wound a scarf around my face, and went leaf peeping. Here's what I found.

Hard to capture on film, but these were frost-covered

Reminds me of my son's room with his clothes lying all over the floor

Beautiful blue sky this morning

Red maple

Love this one. The blanket of golden leaves looks like a reflection

Surpringly, on the Prairie Path there were fewer pretty leaves. 

3 beautiful ginkgo trees outside Ahlgrim's Funeral Home. 

I wonder why they chose to plant ginkgo?

A pile of ginkgo leaves

The morning son perfectly illuminated these beautiful red maple leaves

Love this book. Need one for central North America.
Also found a great that helps identify leaves
Amazing blanket of ginkgo leaves.
Another admirer and I decided we didn't want to walk through them. Gorgeous!

Love these ginkgo


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Thank you for sharing your leaf-peeping walk. Your fall pictures are FABULOUS!
    Magnificent glorious trees blazing God's wonder.


  2. Oh my, Julie, these just got better and better. I love the contrast of the maples with the dark bark toward the end, but that blanket of ginkgo leaves-wow! It deserves to be enlarged and framed, don't you think? Thanks for the leaf peeping!