Monday, December 11, 2006

Quotes from the Weekend

Quote #1: "Tracing paper has changed my life."
This was spoken by Jacob after we tracked down tracing paper at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. He has been really interested in drawing cars lately, and finally realized that tracing paper would help him get the shape of the cars right. We also made major progress and found the light box which I borrowed from my mom about a million years ago. We couldn't remember where we'd shoved that after the move. Ah, the joys of moving...

Quote #2: "The only reason you're still conscious is so I don't have to carry you."
This is classic Jack Bauer. We rented season 5 of 24 this weekend. We are in 24 la-la land.

Quote #3: "......"
These were the non-spoken utterances of Scott as he was still recuperating from the plague which he's had for the last 3 weeks. Thankfully, he's feeling better now.

Quote #4: "Oh no, not again."
This was a quote from me yesterday when I saw my grinning, goofy dog covered in mud and some sort of stinky mud-type stuff (which we all know was not really mud). That led to me donning a shower cap and bathing suit to give Lucy a bath. Seriously. She smelled really gross. But now she smells like a fresh spring morning.

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  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    OK, we're going to have to check out the series 24 now! We rented the first 2 seasons of Lost after seeing it recommended on your husband's blog (and someone else's, but I don't remember whose). We became engrossed in it - it was great not having commercials. Then we caught up with the series, only to find it's off until February...sigh!

    Good news, though. One of Tom's best friends from high school will be appearing on Lost when it returns...and he's not one of the others. Chris is thrilled - can't wait for it to start again. In the meantime, we can check out 24! Thanks!

    When I read your "Oh no, not again,"post I laughed aloud. This happens with our ferret! She hates having baths and will attempt to restore some odor to her coat after having one (let the reader understand!), so we have spy on her in order to bathe her immediately after she does her duty!