Monday, January 29, 2007

Laundry Question
I'm wondering if any of you can help me with a laundry question. Jacob got blue paint on two of his white uniform shirts. Why blue on two of them? This is a mystery I cannot understand. Why does he wear white on art days? Another impenetrable mystery. The weirdest thing about it is that the stains are almost exactly the same: blue, splotchy, roughly the same size. It's like he created a stamp and stamped the stain on each shirt. Of course, he admits to no such thing.

I have tried soaking the shirts in bleach twice. Still blue.

Any other ideas? Could I use Rit dye and dye them white again?

Would love any suggestions you could send my way.


  1. Here's an idea. Consider it a blessing. Friday is "Blue Day."
    On this day, we celebrate the fact that the Colts are in the Superbowl and we wear blue. Jacob may consider himself to be a lucky charm. Wherever he lives, a superbowl champ arises. So, God has sent a sign. Go Blue! Go Colts!

  2. Jacqui10:52 AM

    Well, even though Peter's reply was rather helpful, I thought I would add that I just scrubbed and scrubbed with stain remover laundry stuff, and it worked pretty well on Emma and John's clothes. They both felt they needed to paint their clothes at school as well. But if it's already dried from washing them, I would certainly try the Rit dye -- it certainly wouldn't hurt at this point.

  3. confessionalcook11:47 PM

    Try making a paste of Oxyclean. Rub it on the stain and let it sit for a day at least. Then dissolve Oxyclean in a small amount of warm water to cover the spot and soak for another day or two. You may have to repeat this process. No guarantees, sorry. Gail