Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Five things about me
1. I like vanilla more than chocolate. Seriously. But I do like chocolate too.

2. I drive the people I live with crazy when I find a song I like because I listen to it over and over and over and over. Mindy Smith's "Falling" is one of those songs. (And yes, I just listened to it twice.)

3. I am currently researching ancient Egypt, particularly about Joseph (from Genesis) and the Holy Family's flight to Egypt. I'm also researching nocturnal animals and Saint Patrick. Interesting mix, eh?

4. Guinness stout is always my first beer of choice; Yuengling's Black and Tan is also awesome.

(okay, just listened to the song again...)

5. I love to drive stick shift. I don't know why. My husband looks at me like I'm really strange when I say that. Maybe it's because I can coast all around our hilly city and save gas?

Thanks, Burr. Absolutely no one left to tag.

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