Friday, June 02, 2006

Good Search
Recently, we discovered a new search engine, which you can use like Google, which helps raise money for charity. It's called Good Search. You can enter the name of our church, Concordia Lutheran Church, in Pittsburgh, PA, and for every search you do, the church gets a penny. It seems like it would take awhile to earn any significant amount of money, but it could add up if enough people do it. So, it would be awesome if a bunch of people make that their homepage and then do all their searches through that site.

A Note on Cheep! Cheep!
A few people in Pittsburgh have asked me where they can find my book. can always order it from Amazon or someplace like that (and for more info, you can go to my website: There are also a number of copies available at the Barnes & Noble at the Waterfront, FYI. Thanks for asking!!

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  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Hi Julie,

    I use too to search the internet. What an amazing concept. Finally people are trying to use those advertising dollars for good. I can't imagine why anyone would use Google, when GoodSearch gives the same results, but gives money to charities and schools.
    I hope your church does well. Good Luck!