Friday, October 20, 2006

A Lutheran Question
This is something I've been wondering this week. Why did Martin Luther expand on the meaning of the Apostles' Creed instead of the Nicene Creed in the Small Catechism?

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  1. Because Luther expects that the children are reciting the Apostles' Creed 5 times a day (morning, evening, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) Whereas the Nicene Creed is only recited once or twice a week.

    Some have complained that we've lost the Baptismal Creed (the Apostles') with the return of the Lutheran practice of weekly communion. If we lost it, it hasn't been due to weekly communion, but due to its loss in the home.

    For all that, I confess that we don't recite it in my home either. But your post has me feeling guilty. I need to fix this.