Friday, March 23, 2007

I just saw a wall hanging in advertised in a Kohl's flyer which said:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but the number of times your breath is taken away.

That, I thought, was a pretty odd saying. I mean, there are some not so nice things in life that take my breath away--jogging for one. Don't like that. Gasping in horror at one of my animals throwing up. That's not so nice. The fact that Sanjaya is still on American Idol. That is not so great either.

I know, I know. I guess this is referring to all those euphoric fabulous moments when something unexpectedly wonderful happens. Like when my husband proposed to me. Or when my son took his first steps. Or I got news that my book would be published.

But still, I think it's an odd saying. Don't you?


  1. Lauren12:47 PM

    I think it's from a line in the movie Hitch with Will Smith. (Perhaps it orginated somewhere else, but it's in that movie.) You need to see that movie, btw, as it's very hilarious. But yes, that little ditty of a saying is rather odd. I always get a kick out the wheelchair model at Kohls. Geez.

  2. I loved Hitch. It was funny. And now that you say that, yes, I believe you are right. It sounds profound, in a way, but leaves me scratching my head.