Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Goose

For the last several years, off and on, we've had a goose for Christmas dinner. I decided to chronicle our goose adventure this year.

Step 1 - Find a goose at a specialty meat store. I bought ours at Jamison Specialty Meats in Fort Wayne.

Step 2 - Thaw goose, and a) Try not to be sad that you are planning on eating him.

Step 2, part b) Try not to think of cute pictures of goslings, like this:

Step 3 - Unwrap and get out all the innards.

[Note: disturbing images of goose innards below.]

Step 4 - Wash goose. Marvel at his wingspan. Salt and pepper him.

Step 5 - Pour boiling water over the goose throughout the cooking process. This helps to get rid of the extra fat. Put goose in oven for one hour on 400 degrees.

Step 6 - Go and watch part of A Christmas Story on TBS for 45 minutes. Fall asleep until buzzer sounds.

Step 7 - Pour more boiling water over goose. Suck extra water out of bottom of pan out with basting bulb. Find multiple containers for water/fat solution. Turn heat down to 350 degrees. (Repeat step 2x)

Step 8 - Take goose out of oven and let him rest for 20 minutes. Talk to family and wish them merry Christmas. Then start carving.

Step 9 - Serve goose!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I'm making goose next Christmas!