Monday, June 16, 2008

Out of steam

I am finishing up a month-long teaching stint of composition. I've got 35 students, two classes, and lots of papers to grade. What I miss is the extra creative energy to write and...think. Some people thrive on busy schedules and find anything less to be boring. I have enjoyed getting back into teaching. But balance--as in all things--is best. So I'm hoping after I finish these classes, I can have more time to write, and blog!

The bonus is that once I finish teaching, I get to go with a group to Cedar Point on Friday. Yea!


  1. Have fun at Cedar Point!

  2. Stephenie7:26 AM

    I hear you! During the school year, I'm zapped! In fact, it's summer vacation here, and I'm still recovering.

    You'll appreciate the less busy schedule even moreso after you've had a busy one, though.