Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hidden Talents

While we were watching the Academy Awards a couple of weeks ago and watching Hugh Jackman in his opening number, my mom commented that he was yet another actor who was multi-talented. Not only is he an awesome actor, but he's got a great comedic personality and a good singing voice too. Then, a couple of days ago, a co-worker mentioned that in addition to teaching, she'd always thought about writing books for kids.

It made me think about what talents lie untapped in people. When we choose a career path, we often have to focus on that particular task and leave other interests or talents behind.

Here are some of the careers I would choose if I weren't doing what I'm doing.

Children's Librarian - I'd love to help kids and parents find that perfect book for their child, to see all the new books that come in, and have it as part of my job to study and learn about kids' books all day long.

Children's Bookstore Owner - This is why I love the movie "You've Got Mail." That movie has everything going for it: children's books, romance, and golden retrievers.

Graphic Designer - This could be great fun. I know I don't have the training for it now, but it could be awesome.

Kindergarten Teacher - I love kids and would love to be the one to introduce kids to school, especially books and reading.

What are your alternate career dreams?

1 comment:

  1. I've always thought I'd want to teach 3rd or 4th grade. They know enough to make it interesting, but aren't quite old enough to cop an attitude.

    I'd like to be a professional reader.

    Maybe beer taster?

    No, that's just silly.

    Maybe something with editing, but I'm really a better project manager than editor.