Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Big Melt

Our snow outside is shrinking. The piles are turning to mush, and little rivulets of water are filling the gutters--now that they're visible under the huge mountains of snow. What a relief! There have been days in the last couple of weeks when my recurring thought every hour is, "When can I get to the beach?" January and February (so far) have been difficult months for Chicagoans. Normally the winter is not my favorite season, but not nearly as brutal as it's felt this year. The big blizzard of Feb. 2 and freezing temps that came after that didn't help. I actually don't remember the last day our temp got above freezing, so, I am extra thankful right now to be thawing out.

I keep thinking about doing two things as spring arrives in the next couple of months:

1. Buy a new bike. I'm leaning toward a cruiser or roadster bike, just because I'm not a super athlete and would just want a bike for short distances, or possibly riding on the occasional trail. Something like the image above is just about my speed.

2. Start letterboxing again. There is just too much snow in our area to even consider doing this now. But in time, after the snow melts and the soil dries up a bit, it'll be great to get back on the trail and find some letterboxes. If you don't know about this, take a look here or here.

In the meantime, I'm writing poetry, starting to teach a new class today, and working on some other various writing projects.

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  1. Elizabeth10:01 PM

    Hi, Julie!
    I just had to contact you to let you know: I have a 13 month old daughter who LOVES to be read to. She would sit most of the day with a book in her hands in my lap, if we could. And 8 times out of 10, she has one of your books from the "Things I See in Church" series. She got a whole bunch when she was born while we were at the seminary. Right now, she's loving the two Easter books, as if she knows it's almost Lent. THANK YOU for providing us with wonderful children's books that are theologically sound and also GOOD children's literature! It's nearly impossible to find both in the same books. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!