Saturday, October 05, 2013

For my new poetry buddies

Around the Fire in Honesdale

Marshmallows a-roasting
our cold bums a-toasting,
            The fireplace lit up the night.
Our drums a-thrumming
The tunes a-humming,
            Our rhythm lit up the night.
The ganstas a-snapping
with David a-rapping,
            Our poetry lit up the night.
The coals a-glowing
and poems a-flowing,
            our fun times lit up the night. 


  1. Thank you, Julie! What a lovely poem. You bring back those images of a family of poets at work and play in a perfect setting. Thank you so much. David

  2. Wonder-filled, those nights, Julie. You've captured them perfectly!

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I love this, Julie. I especially smiled at the "cold bums". I remember that well! Thanks very much for this.

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Love the rhythm in the poem...matched the night perfectly. :-)