Friday, September 09, 2005

Wish of the Day:
Today, I wish more words rhymed with home. My best options in the poem I'm working on now (ha! there's one, sort of) are roam and comb. And neither of them are great.

Go here for a great rhyming website. It brought up (under6 syllables) polyurethane foam.


  1. How about "loam?" I like to use that word as often as possible.

  2. I thought of another great word: chrome. I just used that in the sermon I'm trying to give birth to.

  3. "We are happy we are merry !
    We got a rhyming dictionary !"

    From a real early episode of The Simpsons.

  4. Maybe you need to change the theme of the poem to a home improvement theme, then polyurethane foam would work:

    To keep out the cold and make my house a home, I sealed up my windows with polyurehtane foam.