Monday, September 12, 2005

My 100-page rule
Another thought to live by: whenever I start a new book, I read at least 100 pages. If after that many pages, the author still has not convinced me to keep reading, I give it up without regret. But here's an example of a book that grabbed me from the very first page.

I was choosing between three novels last Saturday night. Which to read next? I started A Sudden Country by Karen Fisher. Here is a quote from the first page:

"So we see that sorrow may be good or bad according to the several results it produces in us. And indeed there are more bad than good results arising from it, for the only good ones are mercy and repentence; whereas there are six evil results, namely anguish, sloth, indignation, jealousy, envy, and impatience" -St. Francis De Sales "On Sadness and Sorrow"

Isn't that something to ponder?

The good results of sorrow? mercy and repentance
The bad? anguish, sloth, indignation, jealousy, envy, impatience.

I have no idea who St. Francis De Sales is, but I think this is a pretty interesting insight about sorrow and suffering.

So is Romans 5:1-5.


  1. Some other benefits of sorrow are it makes you thankful for what you have and it contrasts the good times in your life to make them all the sweeter. If you only ate candy all of your life it would loose its appeal. Sorrow also makes us long for our true home in heaven. If you add these to mercy and repentance you are closer to 50/50.

  2. Very awesome thoughts, John. I love that quote we often are reminded of from C.S. Lewis that "pain is God's megaphone." People can respond to sorrow and suffering and lose faith. Or, they can find comfort in God's promises.