Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wish for the day:

I wish more things rhymed with moon.


  1. 136 rhymes aren't enough ?

    1 syllable:
    boon, boone, broun, bruen, brune, bruun, choon, clune, coon, coone, croon, dune, goon, gruen, heun, hewn, hoon, joon, june, keune, koon, koone, kroon, kuehn, kuehne, kuhn, loon, mhoon, moone, noon, noone, poon, prune, roone, schoon, shoen, soon, spoon, strewn, suen, swoon, thune, toon, toone, troon, tune, yoon

    2 syllables:
    antoon, aoun, attune, baboon, balloon, banoun, barloon, bassoon, bethune, buffoon, cahoon, calhoon, calhoun, cancun, cardoon, cartoon, cocoon, cohoon, commune, corroon, dekroon, festoon, galloon, hamdoon, harpoon, harroun, high noon, huntoon, immune, impugn, karoun, karun, laffoon, lagoon, lampoon, liqun, magoon, majnoon, maroon, mattoon, mcclune, mccuen, mccune, mckune, monsoon, muldoon, platoon, pontoon, raccoon, rangoon, saloon, sand dune, sassoon, soup spoon, terhune, too soon, twelve noon, tycoon, typhoon, verboon, xiaoyun

    3 syllables:
    afternoon, daniel boone, dessert spoon, disharoon, ducommun, greasy spoon, kite balloon, oil tycoon, opportune, picayune, silver spoon, sugar spoon, viromune, wotherspoon

    4 syllables:
    barrage balloon, billiard saloon, common raccoon, contrabassoon, double bassoon, good afternoon, inopportune, pilot balloon, sausage balloon, sawdust saloon, signature tune, trial balloon

    6 syllables:
    animated cartoon

    9 syllables:
    meteorological balloon

  2. tune, soon, balloon, dune, croon, festoon, goon, loon, rune (if your writing about Tolkien), baboon, noon, maroon, strewn, hewn, June, spitoon, swoon, honeymoon

    That is all I can think of for now.
    It may not be a wish come true but, I hope it helps.

  3. Rats I was bested while I was typing.

  4. Okay, Noah, got me there. 136 does sound like a lot. I might be able to use "soon" and "tune," but "gruen"??? and "suen"??? What are those?
    P.S. I finally figured out how to delete the spider/robot/whatever comment. Thanks for the tip. Also got spam poison.

  5. Gruen is a proper name and the name of a watch company. (I know pretty weak).

    Suen is also a proper name, though I'm not aware of any watches by that name. (I know, doubly weak).