Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Japanese scientists are planning next month to explore the center of the earth. Here's another link. They are going to drill into the sea floor to try to punch a hold through the rocky crust in order to help predict earthquakes.

Like Paul Harvey
mentioned today, I wonder if they'll get to the other side of the world by drilling through?


  1. Where would they end up if they did?

  2. Well, it depends where they start drilling, I guess. I wrote a picture book manuscript a few years ago and figured out the exact opposite time zone from eastern standard time. It ended up somewhere in China. I don't know if that's the exact opposite place on the other side of the globe from eastern US. I think so. So, the old saying from school days might be right: if I dug a hole and just kept digging through the center of the earth, I'd end up in China.

    I'm not sure where the drillers are working - I assume near Japan. If so, according to my incredibly-not-scientific estimates, they'd end up somewhere S. America-ish.

  3. I think if they do, what they'll discover is that the center of the earth is really cream cheese.

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I think they are going to hit molten lava and it's gonna leak right up all the way to the surface of the earth causing the earth to flip-flap around the solar system like a balloon (farting) out all it's air. Then we'll all run into caves so we don't fall off the earth and Christ will come back, etc. Maybe. Let the games begin...
    Go Steelers!!!!

  5. This is one of those just plain bad ideas! Everyone knows this is where the mutant mole men live. Once we let them in on the fact there are surface dwellers, well, this is just a bad idea! Yep, just plain bad.