Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About Moi!
My dear husband (who knows I hate being left out) has tagged me, so here goes:

Four jobs I have had (in chronological order)
  • Assistant for a woman with disabilties
  • Typist/copier/asst. for the English Dept. at Concordia College, Ann Arbor
  • Receptionist at a veterinarian's office (which included doing odd jobs like taking 5 dogs at once out from the kennel to tinkle; monitoring a kitten getting claws surgically removed; being present with families as they put their sick/old animals to sleep)
  • Secretary for a law firm in Fort Wayne, IN
Four places I have lived (chronologically)
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Seattle, WA
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Fort Wayne, IN

Four of my favorite foods:
  • M & Ms with almonds
  • I love to sample just about any kind of ethnic food
  • Pizza
  • Cake/brownies

TV shows that I like to watch:

  • Alias
  • CSI (Sometimes--when the gross-out factor doesn't gross me out)
  • Seinfeld reruns
  • the news

Four Movies I could watch over and over:
Four places I would rather be:
  • In the mountains
  • On a beach
  • In the hot springs pool in Glenwood Spring
  • curled up with a book, hot chocolate and a warm fire

Four websites I visit:

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