Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who Knew?
Every once in a while I take a look at names of groups of animals. You know, a pride of lions, a pack of wolves, that sort of thing. Well, yesterday, I came across these fun websites that give all the names of every congregation of animal you can think of.

Here's a fun (and impossible) quiz. To look up all the names so you can complete the quiz, see here and here.

The most poetic ones are for the birds, literally:
- an unkindness of ravens
- a covey of patridges
- a host of sparrows
- a flight of swallows
- a bouquet of pheasants
- a parliament of owls
- a murder of crows (!)
- a dule of doves
- a murmuration of starlings
- a charm of finches

And some strange ones:
- a mob of emus
- a sounder of boars
- a shrewdness of apes
- a rhumba of rattlesnakes

There are lots more that are interesting, unexpected, and strange. It makes me wonder how these words came to be. I'll have to research into that.

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