Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stupid Church Signs
Well, today was the big victory parade for the Steelers. There was a lot of talk around town about whether or not to pull kids out of school for it. One school district even cancelled school for the day. Brother. It is just a football team. My son says everyone in his class was there, so way to go Brentwood. I heard one person on the radio say, "Well, I pulled my daughter out of school because this is just as important a day in history as she would study about at school." (sigh) If we as a society really honored the people who invent medicines and preach the Gospel and do important things, I suppose I wouldn't be feeling a little rankled today.

That's all bad enough. But as I've been driving around the past couple of days, I've noticed several church signs that make comments about the Steelers. And at this point, I must say, PUH-LEEEAZE!!!

The first one was: "God bless our Steelers!" When I drove by that with my ten-year-old, he said (not with my prompting, mind you): "Oh brother--you think Jesus cares about a football game??"

Another one: "Thy will be done--Go Steelers!" To which I say: do you think Jesus cares about a football game?

The next one: "Steelers fans, pray here first." Okay, now this could mean, let's pray and then go have fun at the game. It could also mean let's pray for the Steelers to win. To which I say: do you think Jesus cares about a football game???

I like this as a possibility: "Haul your sorry butt into church and pray for forgiveness!"

I don't normally rant and rave, but this is just getting a little much. I have no problem with church members enjoying a football game, but do these churches have nothing better to put on their signs? Apparently not.

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