Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers WIN!!
That game was a nail-biter, but it was great for our city that the Steelers pulled it off. After the clock ran down, we banged on pots and pans on the front porch, which scared the dog and cats half to death. Then, even an hour or so after the game was over, we could still hear screaming and honking. So, we went up to our main street to check it out. People were thankfully just happy and celebrating in the street as cars went by and not turning over cars and burning them. I saw people this morning with super bowl Steelers shirts already and asked where they got them. The one woman I talked to said she got hers at Dick's last night at 10:30 or so, where there were at least a couple of hundred people buying Steeler gear. Anyway, it's crazy, but we're happy for the city.

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