Friday, March 03, 2006

Revisiting Old Projects
I've lately been reworking an story I wrote a few years ago about a Japanese girl whose family moved to the US. I wrote it while I was teaching ESL to international students several years ago. I brought into the story an element of Japanese culture which I love: origami. Origami is paper folding, and to see the perfect corners and folds of those who are good at origami is fun to watch.

Over the years, I've also come to love Japanese food, particularly the careful presentation of the food. My family and I ate at the home of a Japanese family several years ago, and I remember the cook's attention to detail in every aspect of the meal. I asked if I could help. She had me arrange seven different items for the appetizer. The carrots were cut just so, the cucumber sliced at an angle, etc. I started putting the seven items on the plate, but right away, she corrected me. The carrot was not aligned with the cucumber just right. That kind of attention we American cooks don't often have patience for. But I love it when a beautiful meal is laid before me at a sushi restaurant. Somehow, that's lost when we dish up tuna casserole!

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