Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Billy!
Today is the birthday of William Shakespeare. Go to Writers' Almanac to learn more about him. On today's edition of Writers' Almanac, Garrison Keillor gives lots of interesting tidbits about Shakespeare. He also reads a lovely poem for the day.

So what is your all-time fav Shakespeare play? Mine is Hamlet, no doubt about it. It's brilliant.


  1. What's the one where the girl's tongue and arms get caught off? That's high quality stuff right there.

  2. Leave it to you, Adriane, to be sarcastic. hahahahaha Some of his plays are pretty dang violent. Is it Troilus and Cressida or Titus Andronica with the girl's dismemberment? Some of those lesser known plays leave a little to be desired.

  3. Adriane12:08 PM

    Titus Andronicus - that's the one. Yeah...I think you're right. We're better off sticking with Hamlet. Do sonnets count for Shakespeare favorites?