Friday, September 26, 2008

Words I Can't Spell

"Exercise" stumped me for the longest time. Now I get it.

"misspelling" - two s's or one?

"self-awareness" (or any word with "self" that comes before it) - one word? one hyphenated word? two words?

"Gemutlichkiet," obviously. MUCH easier to spell free beer Fridays.

My last name - took 3 months to learn to spell. My brother David reminds me that it can be spelled to the Mickey Mouse song. "S - T - I - E - G - E -" (are you singing it yet?) "M - E - Y - E - R"

Oh, it seems like there are so many more. But it's a Friday night, and I'm brain dead. What words do you find a challenge?


  1. You forgot the umlaut!


  2. Separate still throws me once in awhile! I want to sneak that "e" in after the "p" all the time!

  3. Brocolli?

    See? I still can't spell them. I give up.

  4. One more I came across today:
    "conscientious" -- that's a toughie!