Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January blues

This is a difficult time of year for me. In Indiana in the winter, there are two parts of the day: night and a-little-less-dark-than-night. The skies are marbled gray. The snow and ice keep me indoors. The slick streets keep me from walking the dog and getting sunshine (which doesn't exist anyway). Looking out the window is like looking at a black and white photo--all of the color is missing. These past two days, my wish all day long is to get back to the couch, curl up with a dog, a cat (or perhaps two), and a good book. I find it easy to be lazy and difficult to be productive. But these kind of "cocoon" times can also be helpful. When I spend time reading, I am absorbing ideas for content and the process of writing as I see how other authors create their stories. I also learn compassion as I can relate to the struggles of others. Coffee and hot chocolate take on an all-new appeal. Fresh fruit never tastes as good in summer as it does in winter. Fresh-cut flowers are a fond reminder that summer will come again. And I know it will.

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  1. Hi, Julie! I enjoy your blog, and the photo of the winter landscape is beautiful (well, looking out from the inside, right?)!

    I spent our bitterly cold day in Missouri scrapbooking by the fireplace and drinking hot kind of day!

    Warm wishes across the miles & God's blessings, Jane