Monday, January 04, 2010

Moving, part 2

So, these are the counting-down days to the move, filled with the fun of sorting, cleaning, packing, and generally getting everything messy.

This morning I started in on the garage. Ugh. Cleaning a garage. In winter. In freezing temperatures. After mice have visited.

The kerosene heater helped to ward off the cold. I had to empty the thing out anyway to get it ready to move.

Here's Lucy in the garage, looking a little shell-shocked. I successfully sold her two dog crates this morning to a lady who runs a dog rescue. I thought that was great. The woman told me that she recently got a 6 year old dog that is pregnant, so she needed the large dog crate right away for her.

While moving around totes and sorting stuff, I discovered another dead mouse. Sad, long story, but suffice it to say that I'd rather have dead mice than a non-working blower on the car's heater. The second photo shows the remnants of the mouse nest.

The last photo is of my small bird nest collection (which, of course, were all gathered without babies in them).

Maybe later I'll post a before and after photo of the messy garage/clean garage, but I am too tired right now to finish.


  1. Good luck with your move, Julie! We'll sort of be neighbors. I'm South of you in lower Illnois (near St. Louis).

  2. Poor Lucy - she does look bewildered. Are you taking your birds' nests with you? (Um, leave the mouse nest behind - but it was interesting to see.) I think there will have to be another nest book in our future.

    Good luck this week. I'm thinking of you - let me know if you have a minute to chat.