Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The fun part of unpacking

One of the best (only?) things about unpacking is the decorating. We've gotten to the point where much of the house is unpacked. The bedrooms are finished, the linen closet is filled, the laundry room is organized, the kitchen is mostly done, and my work space is functional--oh, and the family room (maybe most important!) is comfy and cozy. Today I was working on the the living room. In every new space, the decor fits in a little differently. I'm trying to use what we have in a new way. Which candles fit where? Where should we hang the tulip picture? etc. It all takes time, but it's nice to see things coming together.


  1. I'm trying to pretend I'm moving right along with you - giving me a chance to declutter. But I hadn't really thought about the redecorating aspect!

    Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Congratulations on all you've accomplished in such a short time. Let me know when you have a spare five minutes and I'll call to catch up.

    Congrats to Scott on his installation - and what a lovely family photo too.

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