Monday, January 17, 2011

Poetry Monday: Just for Fun

This morning, while doing some morning writing practice, I came upon this blog: The Miss Rumphius Effect, that has a weekly poetry stretch. This week's challenge is a poem about shoes. Thank you for this poetry challenge! :)

Here is my entry:

Barefoot Day

Toes, toes, attached to feet:
Our first hello to those we meet.

Slender, stubby, and hairy too—
but these toes of mine are hidden from you.

We cover them up with sneakers and crocks,
we dress them in knee-hi’s, slippers, and socks.

What are we hiding? Why do we fear?
Let’s all go barefoot one day of the year.

Bunions, and corns, and warts: beware!
Your day is coming; you’d better prepare.

Let’s scrub those piggies and pumice that heel—
It’s time, oh feet, for your big reveal!

©2011 Julie Stiegemeyer


  1. silly and fun! And yes, Tricia over at The Miss Rumphius Effect is awesome (and the poetry stretch is a great thing!) Thanks for sharing,

  2. Came across your blog.

    What a lovely fun poem...I glanced down at my toes unconciously while reading it.

    Thanks for sharing.