Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing Spaces

Busy, busy, busy! Life has been too full lately to have much space for thinking and blogging, but I did read some interesting posts this morning from my writing friends in Pittsburgh. Their group wrote about writing spaces and how they store their work, etc.

I've posted photos of my sunroom before, but here is another shot--not in the dead of winter! I'm finding this is more of a 3-seasons room because lately I am longing for the hibernating feel of our warmer family room and my corner on the couch with my laptop. The sunroom is part of an addition to our house that isn't attached to the heating and cooling system of the house. Between the bleakness of the gray and white backdrop of the cold, snowy backyard and the cold temps, I am not working in there as much as in the warmer months.

The Rt. 19 Writers have a nice series on how they work in Pittsburgh. Check it out.

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