Monday, October 17, 2005

I read this article this morning in the newspaper. It has helpful tips for those who recyle cans, bottles, etc.

Recycling tips:

If it is raining, put paper meant for recycling in a plastic bag or save it for another recycling day. Wet paper sticks to itself and other recyclables and starts to deteriorate, making it difficult to sort.

Scrape recyclables clean, but don't rinse them or remove labels. Food residue and labels are burned off or otherwise removed in the recycling process, so rinsing is unnecessary and wastes water.

Either screw plastic bottle tops onto the bottles or discard them. These tops are recyclable, but when removed from the bottle, they become too small to efficiently sort. Recycling plants discard loose bottle caps.

Try not to break glass intended for recycling. Broken glass is too small to efficiently sort and is one of the most common things recycling plants discard.

When possible, buy products packaged in aluminum or recyclable plastic rather than glass. Glass is heavier and breaks easily, requires more fuel for transport and is less efficient to recycle.

The entire article is here.

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